Our Services

We take aerial photographs by using helicopters, aircraft and soon drones carrying high resolution digital cameras. Aerial photography can help a company to captivate its audience. Aerial photography provides a bird’s-eye view of our world, creating a unique and mesmerizing perspective.

We provide the following services;

  • Photographing Farms
  • Photographing Factories
  • Photographing Government buildings
  • Photographing Engineering projects
  • Housing Development
  • Estates Development
  • Large format professional digital photos
  • Enhancing and editing photos

Our work involves

Aerial Photography
Digital Imagery
Enhancing and editing photos

Who requires and uses Aerial Photography Services

  • Real Estates
  • Legal/insurance
  • Developers & Construction Companies – record progress
  • Local Authorities – surveying
  • Architects and landscapers
  • Marketing professionals
  • Businesses
  • Schools – special event.
  • Engineering – civil engineering, site management, etc.
  • Agriculture – planning, erosion analysis, crop analysis, etc.